Our aims are all about reducing the impacts of emotional and mental health problems for people during every stage of their adult life by providing a bridge to simple and effective strategies.

Founded by two highly experienced and practising psychologists, wellbeing, and leadership coaches, our aim is to strengthen physical, emotional and mental health so that more people around the world can experience an improved quality of life.

We thought about how can we efficiently and cost-effectively deliver knowledge, information and helpful strategies for people to access anytime and anywhere. This gave rise to the development of an online resource where people can join and access relevant information and seek self-help strategies for emotional and mental health problems they may be facing. We called the online resource the Mind Heart & Soul (MHS) Portal.

We invite you to join us, as a member or subscriber, to improve the wellbeing pathways of all people around the world.


Our main philosophy is to apply our deep experience, research and best practice approach to delivering valuable and useful information to improve overall wellbeing. For instance, dealing with conditions such as stress, depression or sleep disorders on your own or waiting to see a practitioner may be time-consuming and costly.

Instead, the MHS Portal’s overall philosophies are to deliver:

  • best practice subject matter information
  • useable self-help strategies
  • relevant information on a 24-7 basis
  • information in various formats such as text, videos, and questionnaires to enhance engagement
  • a low-cost user-friendly online approach to improving wellbeing

Our Founders

Lynda Petrovski

As a Registered Psychologist with over 20-years expertise, Lynda offers substantial depth in private practice and in the corporate arena.

Lynda has expertise in offering tailored sessions for adolescents, adults, couples, families, seniors, and diverse teams in the corporate arena. Empathic and caring, Lynda is committed to building trusting relationships.

Lynda offers a supportive environment so you can discuss your situation, and over time, we will get to the heart of your concerns. In this way, we find workable solutions to life’s challenges. Lynda believes that through therapy and coaching, you will have a better sense of your authentic self. Also, coupled with greater insights, introspection, strategies/techniques, and resources, you will hopefully understand what matters to you most.  Then you can live your life well.

Lynda is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). She is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness Therapies, Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR), Schema Therapy, Gottman Relationship Counselling Level 2, and other Trauma Related Therapies combined with other modalities.

Jo Ryan

Jo Ryan has operated her own business as a principal psychologist and executive/lifestyle coach for over 18 years.  She is passionate about well-being, personal growth and assisting people to live to their potential. 

Jo has immersed herself in self-development courses in relation to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and has learnt a variety of modalities that she uses on herself and with clients. 

Jo’s approach is one of developing a client’s awareness in order to move towards one’s true nature or potential.  

Jo assists clients to become aware of their personality patterns, values, strengths,  motivations, passions, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours to connect with their true nature.  

Jo believes that only through this awareness can one facilitate deep and lasting change. 

Jo is passionate about assisting clients to develop an attitude of compassion and curiosity towards themselves as they develop insight and growth towards authenticity in any aspect of their lives. 

When clients are feeling stuck in difficult patterns in their lives, Jo and Lynda provide effective tools and strategies that help you achieve your desired outcomes.  Diverse expertise is offered in supporting clients who are experiencing: career-related stress, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, grief, stress, insomnia, and post-retirement life challenges. Lynda and Jo each apply a client-centred and outcome-focused in their approach to counselling.

Lynda and Jo share a passion to work with their clients.  In 2021, they opened a practice together in the bayside area of Victoria, Australia. They found by combining their approaches and ideas, they could offer a diverse range of modalities. Combined with their love of beach, sand and water, they offer a holistic wellness approach. This ethos formed the basis of the MHS Portal offering. Like Yin and Yang, Lynda and Jo make an ideal combination.  Lynda has the attributes of Yang; a fireball of energy, passionate and action-oriented with a huge heart.  Whilst Jo is peaceful and compassionate, with the gentle wisdom of Yin.

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