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Heart and Soul Module


Learn how to tap into your heart intelligence and intuition to truly thrive in a life of deep meaning.

We each have a totally unique heart and soul – each of us yearns for something different. If you’re looking for more meaning in life, this course is for you. Take a deep dive into your relationship with yourself and your innermost desires. Discover what your life is all about. Built by two psychologists with decades of experience in helping clients evolve into their best selves, our Heart and Soul module will give you an understanding of the deep intelligence of your heart – plus how to connect with it and your own intuition. We’re here to help you thrive, rather than just survive.

About Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul are important aspects to integrate with the mind. The ‘Heart’ – or emotions – plays a significant role in shaping thoughts, behaviours, and overall mental well-being. Recognising and addressing emotional needs can contribute to better mental health outcomes. The ‘Soul’ or spiritual dimension reflects an individual’s sense of purpose, meaning, and connection to something greater than themselves. Integrating this aspect can bring a sense of fulfillment, direction, and transcendence, enhancing overall wellbeing.

What you will learn



Learn the meaning behind ‘Heart and Soul’ and why integrating them with the mind is pivotal for a full life.


Gain a deeper understanding of your own emotional wants and needs through questionnaires and videos.


Discover what intuition actually is and how to tap into it during difficult times.


Explore the best times of day to meditate and how to let it flow for optimum impact.

Mindfulness Techniques

We’ll guide you as to how to turn off the endless worry or regret loop activated by the mind. Be more present and find joy in the moment.

Personal Growth

We’ll guide you as to how to turn off the endless worry or regret loop activated by the mind. Be more present and find joy in the moment.

Get Started

Begin integrating your heart, mind and soul for a more fulfilled life. This module takes around 2 hours, followed by ongoing daily exercises.


Why should I take this module?
Listening to your heart and soul allows for a more holistic approach to life, fostering emotional well-being, deepening connections with others, and enhancing overall fulfillment and meaning. Undertaking this module will teach you how to thrive, rather than just survive.
How does developing intuition benefit me?
Developing intuition helps you tap into your inner wisdom and make decisions that align with your authentic self. It can guide you in navigating challenges, recognising opportunities, and fostering personal growth and self-awareness.
Why is it important to learn meditation?
Meditation is a powerful practice that cultivates mindfulness, relaxation, and mental clarity. Many studies have shown that meditation reduces stress, improves focus, enhances emotional regulation, and promotes overall mental and physical well-being.
How can integrating heart and soul improve relationships?
By understanding and integrating heart and soul, you develop empathy, compassion, and the ability to connect deeply with others. This leads to more authentic and fulfilling relationships, fostering understanding, trust, and emotional intimacy.

Choose Us?

MHS Portal was founded by psychologists Lynda Petrovski and Jo Ryan. With a combined 50 years of expertise in practice, Lynda and Jo have created a bridge to clear solutions, designed for people who may not be ready or able to commit to in-person psychology.

Practical Tools

This course taps into both evidence-based approaches and in-practice experience. Lynda and Jo have used their expertise to produce engaging videos and worksheets which will help you understand the desires of your Heart and Soul more deeply.


We always emphasise an empathetic approach which harnesses self-compassion and care. Learn how to connect with your heart and intuition in a compassionate way that doesn’t judge or criticise. We’ll teach you to go deeper and move beyond the ‘worry loop’ of the mind.


MHS Portal empowers people with the fundamentals of techniques at an accessible price. We believe that anyone can learn the practical skills and strategies needed for personal growth. This module is a bridge to building self-knowledge and a better life.

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