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High Performance Leaders Module


Develop your potential, avoid psychosocial hazards and gain a new understanding of leadership.

High-performance leaders create meaningful change. They inspire and motivate their teams and communities, foster collaboration, and drive innovation. These leaders set high standards, embrace challenges, and demonstrate integrity and empathy. In order to be an effective leader, you need to have resilience, great communication skills and an innate adaptability. This module was built by experienced psychologists who have worked in executive coaching across sports and business. One thing all high-performance leaders have in common is a commitment to continuous learning! This module will teach you the fundamental qualities of high-performance leaders and how to avoid the risks that come with operating at the top.

About High Performance Leaders

High-performance leaders excel by effectively regulating their emotions, enabling them to make sound decisions, handle stress, and maintain positive relationships. They recognise the importance of implementing good systems within their organisations, ensuring efficiency and consistency. These systems foster teamwork, productivity, and overall success. By prioritising emotional regulation and implementing effective systems, high-performance leaders create a workplace environment conducive to sustained excellence, growth, and innovation.

What you will learn



Dive into why high-performance leaders matter to our society across multiple sectors, from the arts to sport to business


Learn the common traits of high-performance leaders and how you can nurture these traits within yourself


Explore the most common psychosocial hazards and risks high-performance leaders face, plus how to manage them

Leadership Values

What’s your leadership style? Take a questionnaire to discover your core values and supporting behaviours.

Emotional Regulation

Watch a video on developing a calm pace and undertake reflective exercises.


A core ability of high-performance leaders is their ability to communicate. Discover the facets of great communication that should be harnessed.

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Ready to enhance your potential as a high-performance leader? This module takes around 2 hours.


What are the benefits of being a high-performance leader?
High-performance leaders enjoy numerous benefits, including increased personal and professional growth, the ability to achieve exceptional results, opportunities for career advancement, and the satisfaction of inspiring and motivating others in their field or community to reach their full potential.
What risks do I need to understand as a high-performance leader?
High-performance leaders should be aware of potential psychosocial risks such as burnout, heightened stress levels, strained relationships, and the pressure to consistently deliver outstanding outcomes. It is important to employ strategies to manage these hazards.
How do high-performance leaders foster a culture of excellence?
High-performance leaders foster a culture of excellence by setting clear expectations, promoting accountability, providing ongoing feedback and recognition, encouraging innovation, and fostering a supportive and empowering environment that enables individuals to thrive and excel.
What qualities are essential for becoming a high-performance leader?
Essential qualities for high-performance leaders include strong communication skills, visionary thinking, resilience, adaptability, integrity, empathy, and a commitment to continuous learning and personal growth.
How can I inspire and motivate my team as a high-performance leader?
To inspire and motivate your team, focus on effective communication, lead by example, empower your team members by providing autonomy and opportunities for growth, recognise and celebrate their achievements, and create a positive and inclusive work environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.

Choose Us?

MHS Portal is founded by psychologists Lynda Petrovski and Jo Ryan, who both possess a wealth of experience in the corporate and executive coaching realms. With decades of experience working with high-profile leaders and a strong background in sports and corporate psychology, they bring a unique perspective to this course.


Our course combines cutting-edge psychology research on high-performance leadership with direct insights gained from working with our clients, ensuring a practical learning experience.


Our empathetic approach fosters self-compassion and care. Participants will understand the purpose and significance of high-performance leadership and tap into a method that encourages personal growth and development.

Empower Yourself

We firmly believe that the practical skills and strategies necessary to excel as a high-performance leader can be learned. Through our course, we provide guidance in enhancing resilience and actively engaging in leadership practices that promote success and fulfillment.

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